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Horizon 2020 ClairCity project tackles air pollution in European cities
Horizon 2020 ClairCity project tackles air pollution in European cities
3 October 2017 - 12:00

The Horizon 2020 ClairCity project is seeking to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions in European cities.

ClairCity is a four-year EU project (2016 - 2020) which works with local authorities and their citizens in six European countries to co-design climate and energy policies that tackle air pollution and bring down CO2 emissions. Covenant of Mayors signatories Bristol (UK), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) are involved in the project, as well as the Polish municipality of Sosnowiec and the regions Aveiro (Portugal) and Liguria (Italy).

The ClairCity project aims to better integrate citizens' daily behaviour and practices into urban policies on air quality, public health from now until 2050. Furthermore, the project is raising awareness among citizens on how they can reduce their emissions in the ways they travel to work or shop for groceries for instance. Moreover, the project will engage citizens in the six target countries to co-produce climate policies with their local authorities.

Partnering cities and regions will be provided by ClairCity with a robust, flexible and transferable toolkit of actions, models and public engagement mechanisms to enable them to improve air quality and cut carbon emissions. In addition to this, the project will generate baseline data for EU cities with over 50,000 inhabitants, creating scenarios and models of air pollution, CO2 emissions and their related public health impacts. This scientific work should support the involved cities and regions in developing more effective climate policies.

As part of its research into effective management of air quality and carbon emissions, the ClairCity project invites the Covenant of Mayors community to take part in a short online survey, in order to understand how Covenant cities apply and report emission inventories and use data in strategies and dissemination activities. The survey should be completed by local authority officials with knowledge of the Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) of the Covenant SE(C)AP. The ClairCity survey is available until the 17th of October.

  • ClairCity also warmly invites local and regional authorities to become "ClairCity Associates", in order to receive preferential access to research, events and networking opportunities. Participation is free of charge. For more info, please visit the ClairCity project website.
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